When insuring consultants for misc professional liability, there are a few questions that will need to be answered in order to receive a bindable quote.

Does the Applicant adhere to a published professional code of ethics? – Usually this is taken care of by membership in a professional organization, but a personal/corporate code of ethics/standards can also be used.

Does the Applicant currently, or has the Applicant at any point in the past five years:

Consulted on mergers, acquisitions, capitalizations, divestitures or liquidations or consulted on means or methods of financing or obtaining funds?

Been involved in the management, purchase, sale or maintenance, syndication or development of any real or personal property, or in any activity in any way related to investments or investing?

Consulted on, supervised or managed any escrow accounts, trust funds, insurance plans, or investments, pension or retirement portfolios?

Been involved with the design, construction, demolition or testing of any structure?

Provided psychological counseling services or alcohol, drug, or other substance abuse counseling, therapy or rehabilitation of any kind?

Sold, distributed, designed, manufactured, recommended or tested any product(s)?

Prepared, reviewed or approved architectural, engineering or construction maps, plans, opinions, estimates, surveys, designs or specifications?

Managed the operations of any business on behalf of any client, or assisted in negotiating or had authority to enter into contractual relationships on behalf of any client?

Performed any design or consulting services in relation to any lotteries, sweepstakes or any game of chance?

Performed any environmental consulting work, or has any part of the practice involved environmental issues?

Been dismissed from an assignment prior to completion?

Performed, any services for any consortium of companies or consortium of clients?

A yes answer to any of these questions doesn’t necessarily mean the client can not be insured. It will cause the underwriter to want to explore that issue a little further and it also may point out to the retail agent a gap in current coverage or an opportunity to introduce an additional, needed, product.

All of these questions are found on our Contractor Supplemental Questionnaire, which is available on our Forms & Applications page.

If you’re working on a Consultants Misc Professional Liability account, give our specialists a call. We’d love to discuss it with you.



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