You may know us for non-profit D&O and miscellaneous professional liability, but did you know that we can provide excess non-profit D&O?

Here are some examples of new business we have written in the past quarter:

Recently Bound

Non-profit D&O/EPL/Fiduciary Liability:

  • Homeowners association: $1MM limit @ $850 premium
  • Charter school: $5MM limit @ $39,000 premium
  • Charter school: $2MM limit @ $8,500 premium
  • Neighborhood association: $500,000 limit @ $650 premium
  • Nursing home: $1MM limit @ $7,200 premium
  • Small religious program producer: $1MM limit @ $875 premium
  • Music directors association: $500,000 limit @ $450 premium
  • Country club: $5MM limit @ $20,000 premium
  • Private foundation: $5MM limit @ $4,000 premium
  • Symphony board: $1MM limit @ $650 premium
  • Community development corp: $1MM limit @ $5,000 premium

Miscellaneous Professional Liability:

  • Systems integrator: $1MM limit @ $4,900 premium
  • Medical billing office: $3MM limit @ $20,000 premium
  • Management consultant: $500,000 limit @ $600 premium
  • Property Manager: $1MM limit @ $8,100 premium
  • Software developer: $2MM limit @ $6,900 premium
  • Horticultural consultant: $1MM limit @ $1,300 premium
  • Retail design consultant: $1MM limit @ $10,900 premium
  • Safety consultant: $1MM limit @ $6,300 premium


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Non-Profit D&O Contacts:

Melissa Black
Deana Young

Miscellaneous Professional Liability Contact:

Matthew Smith



ALTRU, LLC is a Managing General Underwriter that specializes in directors & officers (D&O) and organization liability for non-profit organizations, as well as Miscellaneous Professional Liability (MPL) for a wide range of service firms. ALTRU provides underwriting services on behalf of Old Republic Insurance Company, rated A+ (Superior) by A.M. Best, A+ (Stable) by S&P and A2 (Stable) by Moody's. The team at ALTRU builds solid, professional relationships and delivers a superior level of service to their network of retail insurance agents, which sets them apart from other industry wholesalers.