The policy form is a “claims-made” policy.  Claims made against the insured during the policy period are covered within the scope of the policy terms and conditions.

The Retroactive Date, also commonly referred to as the prior acts date, is the earliest date that a Wrongful Act which gives rise to a claim could occur and fall within the scope of the policy.  Bearing in mind that there may be a time lapse between when a Wrongful Act happens and when the injured party makes its claim against the insured, the application of a Retroactive Date would restrict coverage.

If there is no Retroactive Date, stated as “None”, then the prior acts coverage is unlimited.  With no Retroactive Date, the date of a Wrongful Act or series of Wrongful Acts upon which a claim is based, is not a factor in determining coverage.

Please review the specimen policy form for all coverage terms and conditions.  The information contained on this page is meant to serve as a guide for understanding certain policy terms and conditions.  In no way should this information be construed to change, interpret or amend the policy language.